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European Hoot 2014 at Brussels
Saturday 14 june 2014
Hello Red Hat Queens and Members!  Have you heard about the Red Hat European Hoot (meet-up) we're  organising this year in Brussels for the weekend of June 14, 2014?  We'd love to have you come join us!  We  (Becky, a US-American Red Hat Queen in Germany) and Sue (an English Red Hat Queen in France)  organised the 2013 Red Hat European Hoot in Paris.  It was so much fun, we're doing it again, this time in  Brussels.  A "hoot" is a joyful, chaotic meeting of Red Hatters in one spot, with everyone who wishes to stay  overnight booking their own hotel rooms. There are no conference fees to pay, since no dinner is pre-paid and  no entertainment is arranged.  Usually an exciting place or city is picked out, for everyone to explore at their  leisure. In Brussels, we'll all meet up n Saturday at 4pm in front of the Stadhuis on the Grand' Place for group  photos.   Most of the Red Hatters will be coming to Brussels on Friday and leaving either Sunday or Monday. They  will be coming from 8 countries: the Netherlands (5 from Leiderdorp and 2 from another place), Belgium,  France, Germany, England, Sweden, the USA and Australia.  For a hotel, we originally recommended a  centrally located hotel, the Ibis Brussels off Grand Place.  Rooms with ”unrestricted change and cancellation”  cost €89 for Friday night and €99 for Sunday night, not including taxes. Since over 100 Red Hatters have  booked rooms till now, there are no more rooms available at this hotel for Saturday night, only for Friday and  Sunday nights. Nineteen Swedish Red Hatters have booked at the Floris Aveny Hotel. Two of my German  Red Hatters will be at the Thon City Centre Hotel (they booked later than the rest of us at the Ibis). With the  help of our Belgian Red Hatters in Antwerp, we will find one or more restaurants which we can recommend  for Saturday night. If possible, we will make a group reservation. Everyone will then pay for their own meal  at the restaurant. If you decide to come, please inform us at, so we can have an idea  of how many people to anticipate from which countries. We hope you can come!   Happy Hatting! Becky Deutsch,