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It's   official!!!   The   2016   European   RHS   Hoot   will   be   in   Luxembourg   City   on   Saturday,   11   June!   Host Chapters   are   my   two   German   groups:   Red   Hat   Power   Ladies   and   Feuer   und   Flamme   [Fire   and   Flame]. There are no RHS Chapters in Luxembourg, but my crowd travel there by express coach in 1¼ hours. We   will   soon   send   out   a   list   of   hotels   we   recommend,   scaled   by   price,   nearness   to   the   Old   City,   and   nearness to   our   festival   venue   (to   be   announced   in   a   few   weeks,   after   our   negotiations).   It's   always   nice   to   see   where other   Red   Hatters   are   staying,   so   we   can   informally   hook   up   at   breakfast   or   at   the   bar.   Our   colours   make   it possible to recognise and speak to other Red Hatters right away! The   bad   news:   Luxembourg   is   said   to   be   the   most   expensive   European   city,   for   hotel   and   food   prices,   for parking,   and   for   taxis.   Must   be   all   those   banks   with   all   that   money   floating   around!   Indulging   in   the   RHS ″official″ sport of Shopping might get expensive. However,   on   the   2nd   and   4th   Saturday   of   the   month,   there   is   a   flea   and   street   market   in   the   middle   of   the Old   City,   on   Place   d'Armes. And   is   11   June   the   2nd   Saturday? Yesss!!!! Also,   buses   are   cheap,   and   walking   is even   cheaper,   which   is   why   we're   looking   at   hotels   within   walking   distance   of   the   Old   City   or   near   a   bus- stop. Even   more   good   news:   Luxembourg   is   a   conference   city,   so   hotel   prices   are   down   on   Friday   and   Saturday nights,   go   up   somewhat   on   Sunday   night,   and   are   the   most   expensive   Monday   to   Thursday.   So   we're checking   out   hotels   that   have   Weekend   Specials.   Many   of   you   will   want   to   come   in   on   Thursday   or   Friday and leave on Sunday or Monday. As   for   transportation,   one   group   in   England   found   a   good   deal   for   a   flight   with   Easyjet   from   London Gatwick   to   Luxemburg   for   just   €108   a   person,   on   Another   group   from   England   is thinking   of   taking   the   train   (Eurostar?)   to   Brussels   and   changing   there   for   Luxembourg.   Those   flying   from Gothenburg,   Sweden   will   probably   have   to   change   planes   in Amsterdam   or   Copenhagen,   as   there   seem   not   to be direct flights. Thus,   most   groups   from   farther   away   will   take   planes   or   trains.   But,   what   about   those   from   Belgium   or   the Netherlands   –   any   thoughts   yet   on   transportation?   Are   there   long-distance   coaches?   If   you   have   found   a good deal, let us know so we can spread the word. And as soon as you have decided on transportation, let us know, too, so we can plan better I hope to see a lot of you in Luxembourg City Becky Deutsch aka Empress Elizabeth Saarbruecken, Germany Overall Coordinator for the RHS European Hoots
4e European Red Hat Society Hoot 2016 Luxemburg
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