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Ravenna: Thea King gets birthday honor ... Made an honorary member of Netherlands Red Hat Society
By Marcha√® Grair Record-Courier staff writer A   local   branch   of   the   Red   Hat   Society   recently   honored member   Thea   King   for   her   70th   birthday   on   June   28   at San    Francisco    Oven    Restaurant    in    Hudson.    King,    a resident   of   Ravenna   but   a   native   of   Holland,   received   an honorary     membership     to     the     Netherlands     Red     Hat Society,   becoming   the   first   Ohio   resident   to   have   such   an honor. King's   brother,   Hans   Drayer,   came   from   Holland   with   his wife   to   present   the   membership   as   a   tribute   to   his   sister. "The   presentation   was   wonderful,   especially   because   my brother surprised me," King said.
The event was organized by King's daughter and Red Hat member Lynda Lamp for King's birthday on July 3.   "Lamp    did    almost    all    of    the    work    via    computer    and    my    brother    made    connections    with    some    of    the international   members   in   Holland,"   King   said.   "They   sent   gifts,   and   a   certificate."   King   also   received   a   new red hat with real Dutch lace. The   Red   Hat   Society   is   a   club   for   women   50   and   older   who   want   to   be   part   of   a   "dis-organization,"   according to   the   club's   official   Web   site.   Its   main   goal   is   for   its   members   to   have   fun   and   be   surrounded   by   other   spirited women. The dress code is the source of the club's name. "We all wear red hats unless it's our birthday," King said. "During our birthday months, we're supposed to wear purple hats, and if you're less than 50 years old, you cannot wear either. You wear pink hats."   King's    local    chapter    is    the    Cruisin'    Red    Hatters    of    Stow,    where    she    is    known    as    "The    Duchess    of    the Netherlands." She   enjoys   being   in   the   Red   Hat   Society,   especially   with   a   member   close   to   her   heart.   "My   daughter   also   joined, and it was a wonderful opportunity to do
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